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We have gone far down an alternative path – creating a society in which materialism dominates moral commitment, in which the rapid growth that we have achieved is not sustainable environmentally or socially, in which we do not act together as a community to address our common needs, partly because rugged individualism and market fundamentalism have eroded any sense of community…

Joseph E Stiglitz
Christian Perspectives on Globalisation: a World United or a World Exploited?    Minimize

Revd Dr John Henley launched A World United or a World Exploited? Christian Perspectives on Globalisation on 20 June at Yarra Theological Union at Box Hill. Dr Henley commended the book for tackling such crucial
current issues in such a multi-disciplinary way. Dr Henley was dean of the Melbourne College of Divinity from 1976 to 1990, and is currently Chair of the Department of Justice Human Research Ethics Committee.

The book was a project of the Yarra Institute for Religion & Social Policy, with some of its board members contributing chapters. It is published by ATF Theology both as a book and as the final issue of the journal Interface.

In his introduction as editor of the book, Peter Price outlined the range of the contributions, with Stephen Ames writing on the implications of human dignity. Bruce Duncan looked at what leading economists have been saying about the collapse of moral values. John D’Arcy May considered in his chapter the possibility of a “world theology” across religious boundaries. Rowan Ireland drew from his research on life in the favelas of Brazil, looking at the local impacts of globalisation.

Therese and James D’Orsa examined how younger people locate hemselves in these processes of change and find new frameworks of meaning in their lives. Robyn Reynolds highlighted the growing recognition that all cultures and religions have valuable contributions to make to human wellbeing, especially inclusion for marginalised groups. And Wes Campbell drew from the famous German theologian Ernst Toeltsch, who foresaw some of the implications of processes of globalisation.

A World United or a World Exploited? Christian Perspectives on
Globalisation can be purchased directly from the Yarra Institute or SPC for $20 each plus $5 postage.

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