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"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Martin Luther King, Jr.
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The Yarra Institute shares with Yarra Theological Union responsibility for co-ordinating the program of social justice units and degrees offered by YTU in association with the University of Divinity.

Students can take individual units in social justice or as part of the Bachelor of Theology degree, or specialise in various social justice degrees, namely

  • the one-year Diploma in Social Justice
  • the one-year Graduate Diploma in Theology (Social Justice) and
  • the Master of Arts, concentrating on social justice units.

YTU offers a range of units in social justice studies, and as well as the usual history, biblical and theological units, also specialises in pastoral studies and missiology.

Among the social justice units offered at YTU, three are recommended:

  • Catholic Social Thought Overseas & in Australia
  • Justice and Social Teaching and
  • Introduction to Moral Theology

  • Similar units are offered at other Colleges of the University of Divinity.
At least four other units can be chosen from relevant social justice or other units at Colleges of the University.

A full list of the subjects offered can be found in the YTU handbook at www.ytu.edu.au. Units vary from year to year.

Though YTU focuses on exploring the Catholic tradition, it is strongly committed to ecumenism. The Yarra Institute also promotes social justice studies in the context of a widening ecumenical endeavour. Hence students are encouraged to learn about the social traditions of the different denominations, and to undertake some accredited social units at other Colleges of the University of Divinity.



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