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"Wealth without work, "If there is to be a human future, we must bring ourselves into balanced relationship with one another and the Earth. This requires building economies with heart."

David Korten
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Population and the Church in the Context of Global Warming

Bruce Duncan
Population and the Church in the context of global warming , The Japan Mission Journal (Winter 2006), 224-37. With permission of JMJ.

Courtesy "United Nations Photo" flickr, CC

Nuclear Power: Cure or Curse?

by Luke K Vaughan
Source: Catholic Social Services Victoria and the Justice Unit, Archdiocese of Melbourne, Melbourne: November 2007, pp. 52.
Executive Summary. With permission of Catholic Social Services Victoria

Global warming crisis: threat or opportunity?

 Bruce Duncan C.Ss.R
 Source: Micah (June 2007), 8-9.

Courtesy "internets_dairy" flickr, CC

Is nuclear energy the answer?

by Bruce Duncan C.Ss.R
Source: OnlineCatholics: an independent Australian ejournal, Issue 104, 17 May 2006. With permission.

Lessons from Chernobyl

by Bruce Duncan,
Source: OnlineCatholics, Issue 103, 10 May 2006. With permission.

The Dao of Ecology

by Dr Paul Rule
Dr Rule discusses the responsibility of religion in relation to the current environmental crisis. A paper presented at the 'Religion and the Environment' Consultation, Adelaide, 21-23 November, 1997.

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‘Divine mathematics', Courtesy 'xtinabot', flickr CC
‘Divine mathematics', Courtesy 'xtinabot', flickr CC
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