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"The Church... cannot and must not remain on the sidelines in the fight for justice."

Pope Benedict XVI,

Deus Caritas Est  (2006), #28

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The puzzle of Caritas in Veritate

Caritas in Veritateby Bruce Duncan CSsR

from Australian Journal of Mission Studies 4, 1 (June 2010), 42-54.

Resonance and Dissonance between Church and Society

by Revd Dr Stephen Ames
Source: in F. Sullivan and S. Leppert, Church and Civil Society (ATF Press, Adelaide, 2004), 142-85.

Did the 2005 Synod duck issues of hunger and poverty?

Bruce Duncan CSsR
Source: The Japan Mission Journal, (Spring 2006), 38-48.Courtesy "United Nations Photo" flickr, CC

A new Catholic social manifesto? The Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church

Bruce Duncan CSsR
Compass: a Review of Topical Theology, 39, 2 (Winter 2005), 38-44.

Santamaria and the legacy of the Split: fifty years on

Bruce Duncan C.Ss.R
The Australasian Catholic Record, 83, 2 (April 2006), 140-53.

Launch out into the deep! Why the Pope stresses social concern so strongly

Bruce Duncan C.Ss.R
The Summit (Melbourne), 28, 3 (September 2001), 16-17.

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‘Divine mathematics', Courtesy 'xtinabot', flickr CC
‘Divine mathematics', Courtesy 'xtinabot', flickr CC
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