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"Cease to do evil, learn to do good: seek justice, rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow."


Isaiah 1: 16-1
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The Yarra Institute for Religion and Social Policy draws from the deep Christian impulse in our nation and works to link human values more closely to improved social policies that will produce better outcomes in the lives of people in Australia and beyond.

Our core values include respect for persons, especially those in distress; openness and transparency; commitment to social justice, participation; and solidarity with all people struggling for a better life and world.

These values would be compromised by involvement with products or practices that cause or prolong suffering or injustice, violate human rights or significantly damage the environment.

The Yarra Institute for Religion and Social Policy recognises that people in the business world have critical roles to play, especially because of their skills and resources, and their roles in meeting a vast range of human needs. We greatly value this special expertise, and seek opportunities for collaboration in helping shape a better future for all.

Nevertheless, we will avoid, as much as we reasonably can, seeking support from companies where the main activity:
  • harms human dignity or human rights
  • employs discriminatory work practices
  • is involved in the arms industry
  • causes significant damage to the environment
  • promotes or profits from gambling or
  • is involved in the tobacco industry or related products.
We of course recognise that The Yarra Institute for Religion and Social Policy is under an ethical responsibility to make good use of the donations it receives.

Practice Guidelines

The Director and  Board of Directors will ensure that this policy is followed. They will also be consulted before companies are approached for funding. Staff members or others approaching companies should first be satisfied that the core business of companies does not breach these guidelines.

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Dr Cal Ledsham
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